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Rebel City Distillery

Take a tour of Rebel City Distillery, the first distillery to open its doors in nearly half a century in Cork City. This is more than just a place- it's a rejuvenation of something old and beloved, as this former Ford factory building has been transformed into an innovative hub for crafting unique spirits with each batch made on-site.

At Rebel City Distillery, they are passionate about gin, absinthe and other spirits – so much so that they invented our own. Their Cork-based traditional distillery and bar is a great place to learn more about the art of making a variety of spirit products from scratch. Rebel City Distillery have partnered with the best local producers to source all of our botanicals ethically, while our team at Rebel City has perfected techniques for creating unique flavours that will dazzle your taste buds. Come in today and try some of our products!

At Rebel City Distillery, they believe in the importance of locally produced gin and absinthe as part of a balanced lifestyle — which is why they make all of our spirits right here in Cork and why we have it in both Sketch and No.76 here in the hotel.

This is a fully functioning distillery nestled in an electrical transformer building that was built in 1920. Since 2010, the building has been renovated and transformed into an artisanal distillery with copper stills and 19’ oak barrels. The facility only holds up to 25 people at one time and can get cold during the winter, so visitors are advised to wear warm clothing.


What happens on the tour?

Guests get a Gin & Tonic on arrival, a guided tour of the distillery and a guided tasting of their spirits.


How Can I Book?

You can book here.

Please email or call 021-4966300 for private and corporate tours


How do I find the Rebel City Distillery from the Imperial Hotel?

You can reach the Rebel City Distillery within a 20-minute walk from the Imperial Hotel or a 5-minute drive. You can find the quickest route here.


To find out more about Rebel City Distillery visit their website here.