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English Market Cork

near the Imperial Hotel

The English Market, one of the main tourist attractions in Cork City, was founded in the 18th century. It was established whilst Cork was benefitting from a period of intense economic growth. The market itself is built on two reclaimed mashes; “the Dunscombe and the Reap marshes, creating a land-mass that correlates with the area between Saint Patrick’s Street and the South Mall” (2014, The English Market Website). The name English Market is derived from the fact that covered markets were becoming more fashionable in England at the time.

The history of the market is closely connected to the economic trajectory of the city. While it started out just selling local produce the modern shopper can still find all the best of local goods along with more exotic wares from across the globe. Ever since its foundation the English Market has been a popular shopping destination with locals and tourists alike. It is fair to say that no visit to Cork is complete without an wander around the stalls of the market and a chat with the friendly proprietors.