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Crawford Gallery, Cork

2 minute walk

“Founded in 1818, the Crawford Art Gallery is housed in one of the most historic buildings in Cork city. Originally built in 1724, as Cork's Custom House,the building was transformed into a magnificent art museum in the late 19th century, while a dramatic new gallery extension was added in the year 2000. 

In addition to its fine art collection and at the heart of the gallery is a collection of Greek and Roman sculpture casts, brought to Cork in 1818, copies of sculptures from the Vatican Museum in Rome.

The Cooper Penrose Collection, which consists of paintings, furniture, ceramics and personal items, giving a unique insight into the social and cultural life of a leading 'merchant prince' of 18th century Cork.
The Crawford Art Gallery is unique in that art historical work is juxtaposed with contemporary Irish and international art practice. The gallery offers an extensive education programme.  With a popular cafe and bookshop, the Gallery has a unique appeal to the 250,000 visitors, who come to the Gallery each year.”

 Website: Crawford Art Gallery