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Your Perfect Wedding Day

Choosing The Right Wedding Date

Planning your perfect wedding day can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle to keep everyone happy. The wedding date must suit not just you, but your loved ones, the venue you want and your budget! At the Imperial Hotel we have a dedicated events team with Lynda on hand to help you plan your special day as well as wedding packages for all budgets. In the meantime, we have come up with some ideas as to what you should be looking into before setting your wedding date with us.


What Time of Year Should I Get Married?

An obvious one, but the time of year for your wedding doesn’t just mean thinking about if the weather is going to be hot or cold. Think beyond this - do you prefer the colours of Autumn or the beautiful lights of Winter coming up to Christmas? These are things you can use for your wedding photos as well!

While many couples wish to have their wedding in the height of Summer, sometimes this might not be possible. Start looking at what you and your partner do for a profession. Will a wedding in September suit if you are both school teachers? If you work in events, then maybe a Christmas/ New Years wedding might not be best.

Look into when suits you & your partners schedules, then start thinking about if it works for everyone else. Our wedding co-ordinator will be on hand with you every step of the way should you have any questions.


What Day Should I Get Married?

 Similar to above, there will be constraints based around work etc. however when it comes to deciding on what day to get married there are other aspects to consider.

                Can everyone make that day?

Within the Flynn Hotel group we once had a wedding taking place on a Tuesday in the middle of Summer. Why? Because everyone on the bride’s side were teachers and the groom’s side were in hospitality. Be sure to think of others when looking to set the day – has your best friend a holiday booked? Will your fiancés parents be able to attend? You don’t need to keep everyone happy, but keep in mind any big trips/ events your inner circle may have.

                Are you Commemorating a Special Day?

Every couple have special moments in their lives. The first time you said, “I Love You”, the day you first met, the day you realised you could spend the rest of your life with your Fiancé/Fiancée. It can be a very personal aspect of the wedding that many attending might not know about and is something you and your partner can share together. 

What are your Priorities?


At the Imperial Hotel we have many wedding packages available to cater for almost every wedding size & style and can be curtailed to suit most wedding needs. Our dedicated wedding co-ordinator is on hand as well to ensure your needs are met. Both you and your partner should look to make a list ranking what is most important to you both on the day. Is it who attends? Is it the setting? Is it your favourite band playing?


Is the Vendor Available?


For many, having a perfect wedding venue will ensure having a perfect wedding day. Our  team will do everything in their power to ensure you and yours have a day to remember. While this is important, it is also important to see if other parties are available (i.e. – are the band/ photographer/). Look into the dates that all are free and book according to which is most important to you.


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