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The Moonlight/Starlight Kayaking Experience

This trip is run in two different locations, Reen Pier, Castlehaven Bay which is a sheltered bay 1.5 miles from the village of Union Hall and Lough Hyne which is a salt water lake located between Skibbereen and Baltimore. Both locations have similar water and wildlife conditions, and provide an equally magical experience.

This trip provides a unique experience of being on the water from dusk into darkness. There is always something to make you gasp on this trip, the sounds of seabirds coming in to roost, the sunset, the rising moon, the aromas of honeysuckle and gorse on the breeze, the panoply of stars overhead, the astonishing bioluminescence, and the deep, dark peace and serenity of night. It is a trip which feeds body and soul.

Time: starts one hour before darkness – duration: 2.5 hours
Ability level: beginner +
Minimum age: 16+
Availability: nightly. Advance booking necessary online or by phone.
Location: Reen Pier, Castlehaven Bay and Lough Hyne Marine Lake

Cost: €65 pp using double kayaks

All necessary safety and kayaking equipment provided