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Goal 4. Learn and Teach

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Our commitment to training and development of our staff and management is a strategic priority. 

The Imperial Hotel has recognised the importance of training and development by adopting several internal promotions and career development initiatives.

Connor Kenny Management Programme, giving the tools to younger generation to move up the ladder.

Active and continuous training. By working with Failte Ireland, we ensure our staff have the best opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills

Work experience & internship programmes gives spotlight to the industry while fuelling interest in the next generation of hotel leaders.

We support Ability@Work who aim to bring young people with intellectual disabilities closer to the labour market and are delighted to have met two of our current employees who came to us to shadow for a day and loved the team so much they decided to stay.

Our Green Team and employees have been committed to environmental training with Fifty Shades Greener over the past number of months.  Fifty Shades Greener are the leading environmental education provider creating action based educational programmes for carbon emissions management to help build a net zero society.