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Foot Golf Cork

Foot Golf Cork

Footgolf is a game that blends football and golf into one great sport situated on the outskirts of Kinsale Cork.

 What is Footgolf and what other sports are offered?

Two great sports - football and golf - can be combined to create one amazing activity.
The goal is to kick a football into 18 specially designed holes while taking as few shots as possible. Distances range from 39 to 90 yards.

As Cork is a major hurling county, it is only logical that we should have the sport on our doorstep. As in golf, the rules are similar to hurling, with each hole having a par and the aim for the player is to hit the sliotar into the hole using as few shots as possible.

In addition to these two golf variations, the provider also offers Nerf Wars for children. There is a variety of game choices that are very safe, competitive and fun.

Besides Nerf Wars, but on the same field, you can also play Tag Archery. Tag archery is a very versatile sport that you play in teams. Several different games have been selected to keep you entertained and exercise both your mind and body.


How much does Footgolf cost?

Weekday: Kids €7 pp/ Adults €10 pp | Weekend: Kids €10 pp/ Adults: €15 pp

Footgolf takes around 1.5 to 2 hours each round

Weekday: Kids €7 pp / Adults €10 pp | Weekend: Kids €10 pp / Adults: €15 pp

Ball Hire: €2 to rent (€5 deposit required)

Nerf Wars
€14.95 pp | Pizza and Drink package
Minimum number of 10 people required

Tag Archery
Kids €12 pp/ Adults €17 pp
Minimum number of 10 people required


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How do I get to Footgolf from the Imperial Hotel?

The Footgolf field can be reached within an hour by bus. It is only half an hour away by car.

Directions from the hotel