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Goal 2. Eat Better

End hunger, achieve food security& improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Changing our menu to match local and seasonal helps reduce the amount of imported goods required, reducing carbon footprint. Of our top 20 food suppliers, 67% of our food is locally sourced, 20% is regionally sourced, 13% is nationally sourced.  Sketch Birdcage Menus are Inspired by The English Market with all locally sourced foods used.

We have Increased the vegan and vegetarian options available in our Cork restaurants to reduce meat intake in the hotel. This reduces carbon emissions and promotes healthier options for our customers.

Sourcing as much from local farmers and producers who support sustainable agriculture – reducing carbon footprint and boosting the local economy.

Producers and Suppliers that practice “Circular Economy” and sustainable growth models will help reduce our own footprint in a tiered way.

Through Green Marketing, we have taken part in events like the Cork Long Table Dinner to help promote what is on offer in Cork and what products are available on our doorstep.

We are developing internal and external strategies that are greener.

We are also working with Plant-It Foods to serve meals using their vegan plant-based meats.  A portion of each dish sold using Plant Its meat goes to tree planting initiatives in Ireland.  We have planted 200 native Irish Trees in Gortnacrusha Biodiversity Farm in Ballinspittle, Co. Cork so far this year.