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Goal 7. Use Clean Energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

De-carbonising the hotel's energy use is critical to achieving objectives. 

We have switched our main source of energy from gas to electricity within the hotel which allows us to keep our energy consumption greener.

We have just signed an agreement at a collection level for a 100% renewable electricity provider which has been implemented across all four hotels in The Flynn Hotel Collection.

Educating the staff and keeping them informed on energy use and what part they can play to reduce consumption.

TaxSaver public transport scheme which is saving employees on the cost of their commute and helps to reduce single occupancy car journeys.

Energy efficient equipment including dishwasher, washing machines and dryers.  We have recently invested in replacing our energy inefficient equipment in the Kitchen with the help of our supplier Cork Bar & Catering

99% of our lighting has now been upgraded to LEDs

We are engaging with SEAI and hope to execute several larger projects over the next year.  We are not only tasked with reducing our carbon footprint, but we are also responsible for taking care of an historic building which has been a part of Cork City for over 200 years.  The plan is to do an extensive retrofit of the building, replacing windows, repairing the roof, and insulating the building.  We also hope to upgrade the boiler room and install sensors where necessary to help reduce our overall energy consumption.  We are dedicated to achieving carbon neutral in the hotel over the next number of years.

Energy Consumption has reduced by 9% in 2022 over 2019, We expect to achieve an overall reduction in energy consumption for the year 2022 over 2019 of 10%

Total CO2Kg / Person / Day has reduced by 2% in 2022 over 2019, We expect to achieve an overall reduction in CO2Kg / Person / Day for the year 2022 over 2019 of 5%

All statistics generated from the Fifty Shades Greener Data Portal