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Beamish Ice Cream Floats Cork

O'Sho is a tea & spirit merchant located on Barrack Street, a stones throw from the Imperial Hotel. They are famous for their creation, the magnificent Beamish Ice Cream Float.

What is Beamish?
The famous Beamish & Crawford brewery was established in 1792 by two Cork merchants, Richard Beamish & Richard Crawford. Throughout Ireland, Beamish stout is enjoyed in bars and homes. The difference that Beamish makes is the full-bodied roast flavour. Beamish contains a special taste with a note of coffee and dark chocolate.

What else can I do in O'Sho?

In addition to the tasty Beamish creations, the O'Sho also offers other delicious teas, various hot drinks, and many different cocktails. If you end up at the O'Sho with a little hunger, you will also be offered something culinary. You can choose between a selection of pasties and hashes and a handful of different hotcakes for dessert.

Furthermore, the guests' ears are regularly spoiled with live music.

The O’Sho also offers from time to time another great Sunday event called ‘Spoken Soul Sunday’, which features an open mic in a jazzy atmosphere of music and poetry. Different artists are invited like poets, singers, rappers, writers, slammers, ciphers specialists, and readers of all languages to come and share their art at the weekly Spoken Soul Sundays.

How do I get to O'Sho?
O'Sho is located on Barrack Street, a stone’s throw from the Imperial Hotel.

Within 8 minutes you can enjoy your traditional Beamish Float topped with ice cream.


What are O’Sho’s opening times?
The O'Sho is open daily from 4pm to 11.30pm.

 How much does a Beamish Float cost?
For a mere €5.20 you get to taste this magnificent creation.