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 € 60  30 min Back, neck & shoulders

€90   50 min Back of the Body  

€135   75 min Full Body (incl feet & scalp)

This personalised massage is a combination of different types and techniques. Depending on your individual needs we might use: hot stones, Shiatsu, stretching movements and classic massage techniques. It is specifically designed to improve circulation of both blood and lymph flow and it offers rapid relief to muscle tension and eases stress related aches and pains




€65   30 min Back, neck & shoulders 

€90   50 min Back of the Body

This massage is inspired by Thermal Medicine and Chinese and Native American cultures where stones therapy was used to relive pain by using them to massage uncomfortable areas of the body. Our geothermal treatment is performed using hot and cold stones. Heated volcanic stones are used together with ice cold stones to enhance blood circulation from head to toe. As the warm stones glide over the oily skin and heat radiates deep into your body to provide stress reduction also with cold stones to fix this effect, deep relaxation and relief from physical pain. The treatment addresses mental, physical and spiritual well-being.



 €140  75 min Full Body (Including feet and scalp)

Created by our therapists & inspired by Lomi Lomi – practice that began in ancient Hawaii these are integrative massage techniques focusing on long, seamless strokes that glide from one part of the body to another soothing the mind while easing tension in the muscles. Continuous, flowing strokes allow you to relax due to the hypnotic effect, bringing your mind to a place of absolute stillness. Touch, rhythm and ancient wisdom come together, allowing healing to occur. Choice of Aveda essential oils to be used in this ritual: Vanilla (Calming), Tangerine (refreshing & uplifting), Lavender (calming)



with Aveda hair treatment

€95    50min

Indian head massage is an Ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation, it addresses the back, neck and shoulders and the scalp and face using a variety of massage pressures and techniques. This treatment promotes relaxation, relieves headaches and reduces stress.



 €140    75 min

A personalised full body massage incorporating your favourite Aveda aromas.A variety of massage techniques and heated aromatic towels will be used to create a thoroughly relaxing treatment. Your massage therapist will customise your treatment with a choice of Aveda Aromas: Rosemary Mint, Beautifying, Shampure, Stress Fix.



 €140    75 min

A focused treatment that uses Swedish massage techniques along with some deep tissue techniques to reduce muscular tension and increase circulation in high stress areas of the body. Aveda Stress Fix essential oil is used during this massage.



 €160   90 min

A complete head to toe VOYA experience incorporating an opening foot ritual, scalp massage, stretches and movements of the sea. Your journey begins with revitalizing body brushing to improve blood and lymph flow. The world’s first organic seaweed oil is then massaged deep into any stiff, tight or aching muscle, releasing built up tension. Stimulating massage movements aid the detox process and encourage the circulation to function in a healthier manner. Finally the invigorating organic body cream is applied to seal in the essential oils, leaving the skin intensely hydrated. 



with “take away” bath experience 

 €165    90 min

The ultimate massage experience. Warmed muslin bags containing a combination of the finest herbs and seaweed are deeply massaged into the body, gently moulding to every contour. The heat radiates through the body and relaxes and soothes aches and pains. This full body treatment reconditions and rejuvenates your skin by gently exfoliating the outer layers and nourishing deep within. The herbal bags offer a relaxing way to detox as the seaweed gel is a powerful anti-oxidant and increases the body’s metabolism. Continue your spa experience at home as we will prepare your herbal bags for takeaway following your treatment

The herbal bags can be used to enjoy the ultimate Detox Soak in the comfort of your own home.


 €140   75min

An innovative massage experience that focuses on the seven chakra centres in the body using a variety of massage techniques. The combination of Aveda Chakra balancing blends with deep tissue massage and reflexology, the chakra energy leads to stress relief, decreased muscular tension and increased energy.

The treatment is enhanced by guided meditation to bring about balance to the entire chakra system.



€90 60MIN

A Specialised treatment of the feet.

Reflexolgy can enhance the release of tension and stress while relaxing the entire body.

Gentle pressure is applied to specific points on the feet to stimulate energy lines within the body, encouraging your own natural healing system, it is beautifuly relaxing, calming and beneficial to your entire system.