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A Warm Welcome

When arriving at a Flynn hotel, you will find an easily accessible sanitising station at the
entrance. Our team looks forward to welcoming you and guiding you through an adjusted check-
in procedure.

An online mobile check in/out facility will be offered and encouraged in order to promote a
stay as contactless as possible while still making you feel connected to the hotel and it’s team

At check-in, you will be offered the possibility of choosing the new “Do Not Access My
Room” option, which means that while all services remain available, our employees will not enter
your room during your stay, unless you express a wish to have your room serviced.  Room-service
deliveries, luggage assistance, and other services will still be offered in keeping with social
distancing measures.  Our BWC bespoke signage will guide you safely in the hotel lobby, and our
colleagues will observe social distancing whilst checking you in and out should you choose not to
avail of the mobile facility


Contactless payment options and e-mail receipts will be encouraged.  Where this is not
possible, payment terminals will be disinfected before and after each transaction.


Key Cards will be disinfected with medical-grade antimicrobial agent after each stay.