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Events Manager

I have worked at the Imperial hotel for over 19 years. I first began my Imperial career as an Assistant Manager and was promoted to Events manager in 2017. My job is to essentially ensure that every single function, no matter how big or convoluted is a seamless affair from start to finish. I have a fantastic team of function staff who I work very closely with to ensure every event is a success.

Prior to joining The Imperial, I worked as a publican for Whitbread at various locations in the UK for 10 years. Previous to being bitten by the hospitality bug, I had aspirations and an educational background in art and technologies.  I was a sculptor and designer, working in the arenas of computer graphics, photography and audio-visual design. 

I was born in London, within the sound of Bow Bells, with a strong Welsh heritage. 

I have always considered myself to be a people person, so having a job where I can meet new people every day is just so rewarding. 


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