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Green Purchasing Policy

The goal of this policy is to ensure that products and services purchased or contracted for will conform to the goals of our company’s Environmental Policy. We will strive to purchase environmentally preferable products and services that meet the company’s needs.  

Our Achievements to Date:

  • The kitchen has achieved package free deliveries in fresh product through supplier Allfresh (Zero packaging, and Reusable containers are Reused for all deliveries.
  • Using fair trade coffee supplier JJ Darboven.
  • Recycling system in place throughout the hotel – Waste Separation in Place with support from our supplier Panda, and all food waste is collected for composting. Implemented a stock pot for all vegetable peelings.
  • Using fair trade chocolate from O'Connails.
  • Food Products all sourced Nationally, 67% of Food sourced Locally, Sketch Birdcage Menus are Inspired by The English Market with all locally sourced foods used.
  • All Food & Beverage consumable items are all reusable, recyclable, or decomposable products, we achieved this with help of our supplier Higgins & Co Catering Solutions. Our Cleaning Products are also purchased from Higgins & Co Catering Solutions and are all Eco Friendly.
  • We have implemented a new wine list which only includes wine which has been produced in Vineyards in Europe, we have removed all wine sourced outside of Europe, reducing our impact on the environment.
  • All other Beverage Products are all produced in Ireland.
  • We have removed Single Use Plastic from all our rooms, the remaining Single Use items in the rooms are all 100% Recyclable, we achieved this with the help of our supplier Rafferty Hospitality.
  • Increased the vegan and vegetarian option to reduce meat intake in the hotel. Thus, reducing carbon emissions and promoting healthier options for our customers.  We use suppliers like Plant-It who give back to the environment by partnering with Trees on the land to dedicate a portion of their sales from every Plant-It product to tree-planting initiatives in Ireland.
  • Our Spa Products supplier are from Voya who is a leading global lifestyle brand which sustainable organic luxury.
  • We are working to become as paperless as possible, assessing all our printing needs, recycling all printer paper, double sided printing policy.  All our suppliers email invoices, and we email invoices to all our customers.  The paper that we do use is made from 100% recycled material and achieves its extra brightness while eschewing harmful optical brightening agents used by other types of paper, this allows the paper to achieve the quality of other brands, but with less damage done to the environment, sourced from our suppliers at DAOL Office Supplies.


Our Purchasing decisions shall favour:  

  1. Suppliers of Irish Provenance Products & Services and where the Irish offer is below our standard we will actively work with those suppliers to improve their quality and standards so that we can source from them – we commit not to set unrealistic barriers for Irish suppliers 
  2. Products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or are made with renewable energy 
  3. Products that reduce the use of chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and employee and public health 
  4. Suppliers who strive to improve their environmental performance and provide environmentally preferable products, and who can document the supply-chain impacts of their efforts 
  5. Products that reduce the use of chemicals that are hazardous to the environment, customers, employees and public health 
  6. Products that contain the highest possible percentage of post consumer recycled content 
  7. Products that reduce air and water pollution 
  8. Products that reduce waste 
  9. Reusable products 
  10. Products that serve several functions (e.g., copier/printers, multipurpose cleaners) and reduce the overall number of products purchased 
  11. Products that are recyclable or compostable 
  12. Food purchasing will actively use locally produced items with a commitment to declare the provenance of all main foodstuffs to the customer at point of sale.   
  13. Products/Services that are available locally, regionally or nationally in preference for overseas products/services.  Cost alone will not be the deciding factor.   
  14. Responsibly sourced products from overseas 

Environmentally preferable products and services comparable to their standard counterparts in quality and price will receive purchasing preference.  
In situations where environmentally preferable products are unavailable or impractical, secondary considerations will include the environmental management practices of suppliers and producers. 
The purchase of environmentally preferable products is part of our long-term commitment to the environment. By sending a clear signal to producers and suppliers about this commitment, we aim to support a wider adoption of environmentally preferable products and practices.